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  • 4 in 1 truck bumper

    I am trying to figure out how I want to make the rear bumper on my mobile service trucks, i want to mount a vice, anvil and boom with downriggers on my truck. what would be the best way to mount it? the anvil will be removable by 2 pins, but the vice and boom will be solid mounted on the bumper.

    what would be the best place to put everything and what would be the best method of attaching everything? welding, bolts, or both?
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    What Kind of truck is it?


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      2000 chev 3500 with a royal service bed


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        Need a Lift.

        Originally posted by auto_welding_svc View Post
        2000 chev 3500 with a royal service bed
        Don't most service beds have the boom or crane mounted to the left rear corner of the bed on top of the tool boxes out of the way as well as additional clearance height to load the bed of the truck..?


        Check out this bumper crane...
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          i worked for a truck upfitter. and there is a plate built in to the utility bodys that get booms.
          but the first thing you need to do is post a picture of your truck so we can see what there is to work with. pic's pic's pic's
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            well my camera's on the fritz. my problem is the top of the boxes has a tilt up lengthwise compartment where I put my welding leads and torches. otherwise I would put the boom on top.