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Trailblazer 251 Remote Control Switches?

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  • Trailblazer 251 Remote Control Switches?

    I purchased a well-used Trailblazer 251 at an auction. I purchased it for someone in my family who has taken a few welding classes.

    I found the operator manual the Miller site. But I am not sure about the remote control toggle switches

    My guess the bottom remote control switch either turns on the remote or sets the front panel to on continuously without the remote. This one has the label “ |on ” in the upper position.

    I guess the top switch with " A/V " in one position is either remote control of the amps/voltage or local control of the amps/voltage from front panel control in the upper position?

    But I don't want to guess. Please let me know if I am right or more on these two toggle switches.

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    Got a model and serial number?


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      Manaul for Trailblazer 251

      It looks just like this one in the manual.

      Here is a link to the manual on the Miller site.


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        Looking through the manual I found the Remote A/V switch selectes either the front panel A/V control or a remote A/V control. The bottom switch is the contactor control switch for a remote control. You are correct on both counts. If you are using the plug 14 then the bottom swich needs to be down and the top switch to A or V as needed. This is a constant current or a constant voltage machine thus the dreaded A/V switches.