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    Originally posted by turboglenn View Post
    I'm the same way and that's what lead to my business heading more towards fab and custom parts rather than just a welding service...when i started advertising and putting the word out people would come to the shop and see all the cool stuff i build and then after whatever basic weld they wanted they would usually place an order for some kind of custom car/bike part and now i RARELY do anything that's just a weld, but i like it better this way since fabbing has been a long time hobby of mine and it's really beena dream come true to have it be my main-stay of business...

    Myself, I do a lot of it for the same reason as you, I like to build my parts even if i can buy them as long as it makes dollar sense.... CNC explains the perfect circles for sure I'm still trying to get some help on building/finding a CNC table for my plasma cutter.. I'm only looking for 4x4 but sadly enough (opn the money end anyway) i just ended up getting divorced after only being married for about 6 months and now am finding myself supporting the entire house and all our aniamals on my own so car parts and things for projects like the CNC table are one of the last things i get to buy but at least i'm a lot happier mentally with her gone and can concentrate more on working compared to doing every little thing she wants to keep myself out of trouble..... Next woman will have to be at least 30, been married and divorced or already have children because i just can't take the mindset of these 20-something women i've been dating, they just don't have the mental grasp on what's really important IMO and most are so spoiled they have no idea how to make their man feel good after doing everything he can to make their lives as best as they can be...okay enough OT rambling LOL
    It gets better as time goes on. Been divorced for 3 yrs. now. Rough way to learn, but I did learn from it.
    Sometimes there's no second chances.


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      wow looks terrible. I'd be more than happy to take those off your hands so you never have to look at them again. Just message me for my address.
      Miller syncrowave 200 runner with coolmate 4
      and wp2025 weldcraft torch
      Miller 125c plasma cutter