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    hey guys im looking for some ideas for a press brake that will bend 1/4 with a 4 foot bed. i know it sounds a little out there and i should just buy one but i have the time and the bank account wont let me buy a 20,000 plus press brake. thanks for any ideas or pics.
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    Hang on to your wallet batman. 1 foot or 2 foot of 1/4" would be a piece of cake but 4 foot would be pretty expensive. You prob would have 5 grand just in steel by the time its all cut to size. You planning on a mechanical or hydraulic because those parts won't be cheap either. I could prob build one of some sort after using a couple dozen different makes over the last 40 years but it wouldn't be cheap. Good luck...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      That's a pretty tall order. If using a 2" die it'll take 88 tons to brake .25 x 48 Of course the bigger you go with the bottom the less tonnage you'll have to have but won't get a sharp bend.
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        Couldn't post the excel file here so here is a link to it.

        Tonnage Chart


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