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  • Sculpture


    I am a sculptor of classic figures in steel. My work consists of renaissance forms rendered in abstract expressionist style. This is not junk yard art. See it at I am a studio artist with a university degree in fine art. Steel is simply my preferred medium.

    My work so far has been fairly small scale. I am hoping to learn from those more technically experienced the preferred methods for working in larger scales; Life-sized figures and larger. Your advice is appreciated.

    I am also interested in joint promotional opportunities. I am seeking sponsorship and commissions. Your referrals are appreciated.


    roger belveal
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    Pretty cool stuff. Wish I had any artistic talent, but my skills lean towards the functional.
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      Welded metal sculpture - returning to my roots

      Thanks. My father had a welding business many many years ago. I learned to hold a torch when I was nine years old, but never became a pro like y'all.

      I studied art in college and invented a unique style of rendering figures in steel that was all my own. But set it all aside to have a responsible career in information technology and business. Now my IT career has totally tanked! So, I'm returning to my roots and it feels good! I love the smell of burnt metal in the morning!

      I hope y’all enjoy looking at my sculpture as much as I enjoy making it. Please pass along this url to your friends and anyone who you know that would appreciate seeing what can be done with a torch and some ordinary steel


      roger belveal