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  • Another Newbie!

    I have been reading this forum since i got my new bobcat . You guys are very helpful . I hope I can call upon you if I need help with projects.

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    welcome to the forum gary k. there is a vast knowledge among the people here....and a little ribbing to boot..

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      Welcome to the board

      gary k., I would like to be the first to say welcome to the wonderful sport we all call welding, I'm sure you will find most of us will help in any way we can. Just keep in mind we all like pictures, lots of them, so whenever possible add pictures with your questions and projects posts. It helps us to help you when we can see what you are asking about or describing. Dave

      O.K. maybe second to welcome you, seeings how welder one beat me to it.
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        Welcome Gary K
        glad you decided to join the forum , we all have fun here and learn a lot

        . . Welcome

        ............... Richard


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          Dabar,nice try.
          I see Welder_one beat you!!!!!!!!
          Gary, welcome to the board!!!!!!!!!!
          I'm not late...
          I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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            Welcome, lots of smart people here I've learned lots
            HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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              Welcome Gary from a fellow newbie.