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Miller 350P push pull with 0.9mm al.wire

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  • Miller 350P push pull with 0.9mm al.wire

    I got Miller 350 P (push pull machine) with 30" long cable and XR 30A gun.
    I have no problems with any thicker 1.2mm and bigger but when I try (0.35)- 0.9mm wire does not come out very smooth, and it often jams. I got proper rollers on and all settings..and cable is never tangled ???I tried different tension but it is the same..I use big spools at all times..
    thanks for your input.

    Michael Miro Nikolich

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    2 things come to my mind right away. I know you said that you have all the right settings and all, but a common problem with the 350P and .035 (9mm) wire is the drive roll tension. Make sure that the drive roll pressure on the front drive roll pressure to 1 and the rear drive roll pressure to less than 1. Next make sure the hub tension is loose.

    Also if you have had birdnesting problems there could be a piece of wire lodged in the torch liner. I have seen this more than once. In which case you will need a new liner and they are not all that cheap.
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      i use this same set-up when i have had to send the xmt304 to the shop. at first the wire feed was erratic at best, and just as jws said, i adjusted the drive roll tension and loosened the hub tension. all was well after that. i ran 4 16 pound spools through it before the xmt got back. also, are you using 4043 or 5356 alloy? the 4043 is harder to feed since it is a softer alloy.
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