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  • 304 stainless

    I am new to this message board. I often read over the posts, but just joined yesterday. I am also new to TIG welding. I am building a Handle out of 304 SS it is 3/4 sch. 40 pipe. I have stick rods that i could weld it with but i want to TIG it for practice. I have 308H and 316L filler rods, which would be the best to use?

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    ER 308: Welding wire frequently used for TIG, MIG and submerged arc welding of un-stabilized stainless steels such as Types 301, 302, 304, 305, 308. it is used for general purpose applications where corrosion conditions are moderate. Typical applications include chemical tanks, distillery and restaurant equipment. Can also be certified as ER308H.

    ER 316L: Welding wire similar to ER316, with controlled carbon content (0.03% maximum) to reduce the possibility of formation of inter-granular carbide precipitation. Used principally for welding molybdenum-bearing low carbon austenitic alloys. ER316L is not as strong as ER316H at elevated temperature.

    From a chart I have looks like maybe 308/308H would be best
    Dont weld much stainless so this is all I have on it. Someone else may know better
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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      Thanks for the info. I welded it today with the 308H it worked well. My skill level is not too good, but i'm working on it. I only get to use the machine every once and awhile. Saving to get my own, but i really cannot justify spending the money for one.