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Syncrowave 300 Postflow Problem?

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  • Syncrowave 300 Postflow Problem?

    So I've got my hands on a old syncrowave 300 that was primarily used for stick welding before. Now we have a tig torch and pedal for it and after some playing around I noticed the postflow timer doesn't appear to be working... When the machine is turned OFF and the gas bottle is OPEN there is no flow, so this leads me to beleive the gas solenoid is closing properly when the machine is turned off. But when the machine is on and the postflow time is turned right down to 6 seconds (or any other value for that matter), after welding a bit it won't stop the argon flow.. unless i turn the machine off.

    I took a look at the circuit diagram and pulled the circuit card out and found no fried components or blown caps (as far as appearances can tell). I checked that the potentiometer was potentiometing and it was..

    Anyone have diagnostic suggestions to track the problem down?

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    I own a syncrowave 300 too. i dont know if it matters on that machine but is the current and contactor set to remote? Also is the crater fill on? I will look at my machine and see if i can duplicate your problem.
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