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Invision 456MP and XR Control

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  • Invision 456MP and XR Control

    A new guy here looking for some advice. I was able to buy a near new Invision 456MP power source with the complete XR Control and 30 ft XR Edge Gun with a Coolmate 3 for really cheap as an employee of a company getting out of the welding end of business. The push-pull gun will be great for aluminum, but my immediate need is for a gun to run .045 steel wire. From what I understand, there is a liner kit for the XR gun, but I would like to use just a regular mig gun. Is there any reason this will not work with the XR feeder? or anything I need to know to make it work? Thanks ahead of time for any wisdom!

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    i use the xr with 30 foot edge gun, great equipment. i have never tried a standard mig gun in it. i have fed steel through it though. i had to change liners each time i swapped it back. it fed the steel great. some reason, i want to say that you would need the wire speed control from the edge gun in a standard mig to work right. how would you change your wire speed. you would also need to change your drive rolls in the feeder and the gun for steel. the 456 is a big machine, didnt do any wrong on that one.

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      You can't use a standard gun off the XR control. The drive system is not a drive system it is a slave system. It will not drive wire it is there to merely assist in feeding. In your set up the drive motor is in the Edge gun.
      I believe you can get a monocoil liner for running steel wire thru the XR Edge.
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