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Spoolmatic 1 w/ WC-1

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  • Spoolmatic 1 w/ WC-1

    I have a Miller spoolmatic 1 gun with a wc-1 control box that was given to me by a friend. I want to hook it up to a welder/generator like a bobcat or something similar to MIG aluminum. I am assuming a CV welder so do I need a contactor connection or anyother conection besides 115 volt power source for the control box and the welder leads? I can's seem to find anything out there. Thanks

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    spoolmatic 1 with wc-1

    Hello, I have the same problem that you had. I had these two units given to me as well. Was wondering if you found out anything about them. I want to hook mine up to a miller 225 bobcat gas welder with cc/cv compat. I couldn't find out anything out on the net. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. can you use this for anything other than aluminum????


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      We ave a Spool o matic 1 at the shop. We use it for .030 mig wire and for small AL jobs. It does all our fine work as our other machines are set up to run .035 and .045 at the moment. It runs off an older CC machine but has a box for high freg in between. I don't know how all that is connected. But it works.