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  • Fence jig advice

    Hi folks,

    I'm starting work on a fence that replicates the one pictured below, and thought I'd ask you all for some advice (it's my first fence and I've only been welding part time a couple of years).

    I was thinking of making 10-ft sections (these in the pic are 9ft), and I'll need 10 or 11 of them. So, a jig seems in order, especially if I get more business out of this project and need to do some more. I was thinking of mapping out the sections on my concrete floor, then drilling in some anchors to fasten down the fence sections till they're all welded up.

    When I searched the forum, it seemed like lots of folks made jigs from 2x4's -- do these hold up & stay true? I'd hate to put up 100+ ft of fence and have it look like a warped ribbon.

    Also, anyone have a jig that can be altered/adjusted for different fence designs?

    Any other advice before I get myself in trouble?


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    I would fasten some MDF or plywood down to a 2x4 frame large enough to jig up one section and then just use blocks held down by wood screws to hold everything in place then tack it and maybe even a few full beads here and there so the part can be romoved from the jig for final welding without burning the jig up too much.

    One thing i've found on jigging is to purposely make one area too large to where you have to put a 2x4 or some other type of shim in to hold the structure correct for welding. By doing this you'll have a "key way" piece that you can take out to loosen the structure from the jig after the piece has moved and warped a little they can sometimes be hard to get out of the Jig and this key way helps.
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      Welding Jigs

      I found this on youtube - do a search for welding tables or welding jigs, the clamps used are called toggle clamps

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        Fence jig

        I have done this
        I build one section then use it as a jig when done with last panel just clean all your stops off and use it as last panel that way they all be the same also have used a table but when table not available the panel jig works good