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  • Motorcycle Paint Stands

    We made some motorcycle paint stands to hold a tank, rear fender and front fender. The stands are generic and can telescope up and down. Then custom mounts were made for each type of part. So when a different type of part needs painting, all we need to do is make a new mount for the part.

    The Generic Stands

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    The Custom Mounts

    Stands with Parts ready for primer


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      Paint Completed

      Paint Completed with the help of new statnds


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        Awesome paint job! What technique did you use for the marbling?
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          nice job on the paint.. .is that the Alsa Corp. Stuff?


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            Originally posted by nocheepgas View Post
            Awesome paint job! What technique did you use for the marbling?
            it's usually done with a plastic bag and marbleizer. Nice work BTW, it looks fantastic. House of Kolor has info on their site I believe

            "When using Marblizer, try applying it in layers to create depth. Spray your first layer of Marblizer and use a thin millage plastic such as plastic wrap to achieve a fine tight pattern in your first texture effect. Allow 30 minutes to dry. Apply a second coat of Marblizer, and this time use a thicker plastic such as a painter's drop cloth to create a larger texture pattern allowing you to see the finer pattern underneath. This gives a lot of depth to your paint finish. You could also use different colors of Marblizer for each layer. Be sure to do a test panel before painting you project."

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              Looks like the stands did their job in order for you to do yours. I was thinking what my truck would look like with a paint job like that. Then FLASH I think the paint job would cost more than the truck is worth..
              That is one great paint job.!! If you want to experiment I have a truck for a test subject.


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                Thanks !!

                Yes, the trick with the flames is HOK Marballizer. Then Kandy Cobalt Blue airbrushed on the tips and feathered out. The Red Pin Stripe makes it jump.

                This was the first time using the new stands, the height addjustment feature was great. Paint stands sell for big bucks, so if someone looking to make some bucks on eBay, here is your chance....

                Thanks again,