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Bad taste...but could be just me...

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  • Bad taste...but could be just me...

    Greetings and sparks to the readership from the Dubai wasteland...

    For a Christmas present, I was given a brand new Hobart Ironman 250 with a Mig gun. Plugged in and went to work. Works like a charm....but.

    I got handed a new project with significant Alumunium fabrication and found out I now need a Spoolgun for the work, and another diferent gas than CO2Ag that I had. Now I had to strap the bottle og Argon to a one bottle saddle. No big deal, just another straw for the back.

    to continue...I consulted with my local welding supplier who I have had great experiene withthem for thelast ten years or so. So I slammed down the VISA and got a Miller Spool GUn 3545 and the interface kit.

    For the 1st time in my life...I read the m****l(s). cool

    So to weld Alum, I have to open the side of the box to turn the gas diverter (that just hangs in the box void, not connected to anything.) then I have to throw the switch to Spool. Close box door then move the gas regulator from the bottle on the back to the new Argon gas bottle. Then I have to unscrew the exiting trigger plug from the face and then screw the spool guns trigger into that location. Go to work.

    and to get back to welding steel, just have to undo all that I just did. Hassle

    It just doesn't seem to be a well thought out product with all of this stuff you have to do just to get welding. my internet research seems to bear out that Miller to Miller not Miller to Hobart...

    Too bad...If somebody wold have just used that setup before releasing it to the sales trolls....

    So it seems that the moral is to only buy ALL MILLER or ALL HOBART or xxx. So just think of this before you do the magic.

    Cheers ELROD

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    Bad taste???

    I guess you can't look a gift horse in the mouth....but the equivalent Miller machine ( Well equivalent???? may be a strong word for the H 250) would allow you to plug and play without ever switching anything. It Even remembers your previous settings on each gun!

    I can see how you might have a bad taste in your mouth!

    I have the mm252 and it is by far the best Mig Machine I have ever used....hand down!!

    Maybe you could work out a trade!

    Beer is ususally good at washing away the bad taste!



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      Do you fly first class or economy on airlines.

      They don't serve free champagne in economy class.

      As mentioned, the MM 251/252 come mig/spoolgun ready with both guns attached simutaneously. The spoolgun does have to be attached to a separate bottle/flowmeter for straight argon when welding aluminum. Mine came with a dual bottle rack and two flowmeters.
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        I only deal with the push pull guns on the 350p


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          dose seem like a lot to do to get it changed over to spool gun mode. looks like a big selling point for the Miller MM212/252 over the Hobart irnman.

          although tuff to complain when its a free bee.
          congrats on the new toy.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
          summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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            O/K think about it this way, you have a significant aluminum job so you won't be switching back & forth all the time. Also you are getting paid for the job right, so you are getting paid to set up & take down the spool gun.
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              You afraid of a little hard work elrod, suck it up!
              If you want peace, be prepared for war!


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                5 minutes???

                What 5 minutes to change from one setup to another? No pity here!
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                  Originally posted by Tryagn5 View Post
                  What 5 minutes to change from one setup to another? No pity here!
                  No kidding, because out at the shipyards we would setup and break down machines around 20 times a day.
                  If you want peace, be prepared for war!