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  • smoker

    Any one have any plans for a trailer mounted smoker

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    I dont have any specific plans but you may try a search for smokers or cookers. There may be a few pics within the picasa link in my sig. Good luck.

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      Im new to this thread but saw your post about a smoker. I built one about ten years ago now. Its more of a offset roaster than a smoker. meaning its firebox is offset the actual cooking chamber. so it more or less smokes the meat. I do pigs and roast beef in it. If I can figure out how to post pictures ill post them for you. It works real good, several people have borrowed it and built there own using mine as the blueprint. its got a 110volt motor on it for the rotisserie, theres a couple things I would change on the next one im gonna do.(shes started to show her age).


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        heres a grill we built at school for the local police. In this picture its obviously not complete, it had counter-weights on the doors and all. Really big grill cut the new trailer and all.
        The big box on the left(farthest side) has like 10 racks in it
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