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    I did try tri-Mix when I first bought the Thermal Arc 185TSW, Jim at DG sent me two sticks and they arrived in about a week. First thing I noticed was that it seemed to take a bit more amps to get it going, I called Jim and he said that it did require about 10% more amperage than say a lanthanated 1.5 or 2.0 would. It lights off very easily at low amps and the arc is stable, but after trying 1.5 and 2.0 Lanthanated and Cerated (started spiliting and eroding at the tip when working on aluminum in the 175-200 amp range) I could see no real advantage to spending the additional money and settled on 2% Lanthanated. I am still buying from their Ebay store. tungsten-direct
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    Regards, George

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      You made some good points there Mr. Plummer. It is just having worked for many years in industries that use a lot of chemicals, I am real keen on people knowing about the hazards in materials before they handle them. It was a Quantum leap forward when OSHA mandated that MSDS be made available to employees in industry. Do you think they would be available if it weren't for OSHA.

      I didn't know about regular saw dust being a class three carcinogen, but I do know MDF is manufactured with formaldehyde, so I wear a mask and try to be up wind when I cut it up if I am outside. I know I handled a lot of the old style treated lumber that was loaded with arsenic and other bad stuff before I knew what was in it and that I needed gloves. I handled a lot of it while it was still wet and juicy. When you can bury a piece of this stuff in the ground and come back a couple of years later and there is not one termite bite in it, you know it is serious stuff. And when I was a teenager we used chlordane to treat termites. Everybody could buy it off the shelf and there was nothing telling you it might be a hazard. Now you can't buy it and nobody can use it, even though it stays viable in the soil to kill termites for 30 plus years. My brother and I used it as teenagers to treat some old houses. Now my brother has some pretty serious health problems. Did they come from the chlordane or agent orange? Who knows, but if we had know about the hazard of chlordane I am sure we would have handled it differently. The throinated tungsten packages I looked at were just as they were when purchased from the dealer, and there was no information stating any hazards or any special handling instructions, except the mention of California.

      Now, as far a California is concerned I know where you are coming from, but I have to tell you this. I was there only once, spending some time there in training before the government sent me on a year long fact finding tour in South East Asia. I was just a naive farm boy from South Carolina that thought everybody ate grits and drank ice tea. Some of the locals took me to some bars to celebrate the fact I had been chosen by the government for this trip and I saw things it would be years before I could see in South Carolina - Talk about a Quantum leap

      James, Please keep us posted on that tri mix - I had never heard of it. It will be awhile before I can try any if it is expensive - I have to learn to keep it out of the puddle first
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        James, Please keep us posted on that tri mix - I had never heard of it. It will be awhile before I can try any if it is expensive - I have to learn to keep it out of the puddle first
        after reading Sundown's post i suspect it will be a wile before i bother with it also. he had my same welder so i would expect similar results. and just as he is happy with the 2% lanthanated so too am i , i just thought i would give it a try so i could see the results as well as bring it to theirs attention.

        Old Sporty, i cant remember how long it took to get my samples but sundown said about a week. i suspect talking direct to them VS sending in a request would make a bit of a difference. if you don't hear from them after a week or so i would give them a call to see where it stands. they are great people to deal with.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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