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Bluestar 2E Problems

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  • Bluestar 2E Problems

    New here; need some help will a Bluestar 2E. The machine would run for a while and then would die. It steadily got worse - running shorter periods before dieing. Now I can start the machine, but it will not stay running - starved for fuel, I think. It has a Tecumseh motor OH160 with a Walbro carb. The carb is the float style, but has what appears to be a daiphram pump? - threads directly into carb above bowl - Walbro Mod 3001. Although I am not the best carb man, I have installed a carb kit, but didn't seem to help. Any help and/or past experience will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have never worked on an engine for a welder but have worked on a few small engines. Here is what I would do. When the engine dies I would try to crank it again. If the engine will not crank I would pull a plug and see if it was wet on the end or if I could smell gas. If not I would put a few drops of gas in the cylinder or spray a little WD-40 in it and replace the plug and try again. If it still won't fire I don't think it would be the carbureator.

    I would then take out the plug and ground the end of it to the engine frame and try to crank it again ( be carefull, there can be 20 to 30 thousand volts here if I remember correctly) it won't hurt you but it will make you jump about as high as Michael Jordan. If you don't see a spark then you have an ignition problem, which is what it sounds like to me. If it has electronic ignition they sometimes start cutting up when they get hot and get progressively worse. Usually, I have found with a carb problem it doesn't run well for a while and then quit, unless it is the float adjustment and it dies when you accelerate, and then you will probalbly hear the sounds of a starved engine, popping and spitting.

    Take this advice with a grain of salt, I am not a welder, or a mechanic either
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      Small engine problems

      The attached link might help you understand the ignition of a small engine.

      Becareful with the 30,000 volts, it is like a stungun and some people have a bad reaction to them. They make me mad.

      My dad had a friend in the small engine repair business. He said the most important thing you can do is filter the gas going into the tank of a small engine. Most engines that came into his shop not running had debris in the carburator, probably from the gas can.
      If you have spark, clean the carb and gas tank, then check or replace the fuel lines if they look like they are rotting.