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CNC plasma cutting table question

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  • CNC plasma cutting table question

    Ive been trying to find info on CNC. Ive googled it and came up with little to nothing useful. Where can I find out info on CNC? Like basic components and how to wire it and how to select the right size of motors and such? I am wanting to build a CNC plasma cutting table. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    torchmate .com


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      Here are a few I hear guys talk about

      Torch Mate

      There is also a forum called CNC zone at You may be able to find some info there.

      Hope this helps,
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        I have built a few CNC routers from scrap, and e-bay parts. I also plan to build a plasma table in the near future. If you do not need a production machine, and have some basic metal fab tools it is not hard at all to build. Plasma is one of the easiest CNC variations because it has very little load compared to a rotary type cutter, and with a kerf less precise than say an endmill the tolerances are also less exacting. If you want to build your own, I can dig up a bunch of old links I saved to figure it out for myself. There are also reasonably priced height controls to get the best cut/consumable life. If you want to buy a turn key system the ones listed above are a good place to start.



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          I just looked in my favorites file, and I erased all my old CNC stuff, but start by looking at these companies. There are many others, but this is what I have used with great results so far.

          Motors -, They also sell power supplies
          Motor drivers -, the 203v is a good drive if using steppers
          Interfaces -
          Software - &
          Torch Height Control -

          These sites, and will get you going, and I can try to help out as well.

          Here is a photo of my small router


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            There is lots of info on CNC here;DaysPrune=0 .
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