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wps for 1045 steel to caste?

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  • wps for 1045 steel to caste?

    May be venturing into repairing steel rolls that have a caste core and im not sure of wich process would work the best. we have the capability to short circuit, pulse, rmd, and pro pulse. Any help?

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    Steel rolls for what? Cast core of what material?


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      Cool so you have an uh I mean a pipepro 450. Great machine.

      Depending on the cast material it may or may not be weldable. If they have had it welded before then it is probably a grey cast which you can do easily. If it is a white cast then just do a no bid because it is classified as "unweldable" unless you have some knowledge and they are willing to live with something other than original specs.

      1045 if I remember correctly still falls into the low carbon class of steels although it is right at the turning point of 1050 which is medium carbon.
      You can overlay as desired with any of the processes you mentioned with a 70 series wire. If you want lower dilutions with your base metal then turn the arc control down in the pro pulse mode. RMD will give you very low dilution ratios but the limited wfs will slow you down. In my minds eye I have a large trunion pictured where we did overlays for wear resistance with a 7018 cushion and a nickle cover. You may or may not be doing such an item.

      My biggest point to make is to make sure you are FULLY aware of what your customer is after and bid it accordingly. These types of jobs can quickly become nightmarish when you give something other than what they want.

      Feel free to P.M. me if you want to discuss it.