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  • Ulitamte welding table

    OK I`am wanting to build a new welding table & I have lil` shop & I would like to have my bench grinder, vise,& small pices of metal on it, maybe have shevles & a stool ( kinda like a desk) . I know there is a BUNCH of table theards but I would like to have a bUnch of ideas . I was thinking bout making it out of 1.5 or 2 inch angle . ANY help or ideas or plans would be GREAT.

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    you said that you would like to have your bench grinder and vise on the table but you have little room. one thing you might want to consider is to have a piece of receiver tubing straight down in the table (Maybe corner of the table) where you want these items. and have your items, vise ,bench grinder, etc. mounted on a male piece of tubing. then just place them in the receiver,just drop it in and then you have it in the table secure when you need it and remove it when you don't want it their.

    hope this helps

    ...... Richard


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      richard, that is a great idea. i used this on my rig truck for those things, but i never thought of using them on my table...thanks

      nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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        I built a table that collapses if and when I dont need to use it (hahahaha Yeah right!!) or so that it can be moved around or through doorways. I put lockable casters on it too. That in itself is such a convenience, especially when your talking 200 pounda and one bad back..have a look at the attached photos.. The base is 2x2x2 square stock (cold roll?? i dont know my steels very well) the legs are 1.5 square. The base is held together by 1" square thick wal tube. a hole drilled on each 2x2 (top and bottom) awith a nut welded on help to hold everything together. the top is 1/4 plate(a little thin, but easier to wrangle) and it has 2x2 welded on each corner to receive the legs. same thing here, a nut on each corner 2x2holds it all together. notice the rail? thats a good place to clamp the ground, hang a rag or w.h.y.
        this table cost me about 2 bills to build..
        oh yeah, if you notice on the side of the table closest to the camera, there is a peice of 2x2 on each leg just above the base. This is for a future adjustabel shelf. I intend to once again place a nut n bolt in the corners, add some bracing and then create a frame that will act as a shelf. I can then put my plasma cutter, or whatever on it. If the legs were round, one could put a swivel out seat, vise, ash bucket, beer bottle holder ,e tc... on it.
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        Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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