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Question on 200DX and DIY water cooler

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  • Question on 200DX and DIY water cooler

    I'm going to build a water cooler for my 200dx (dynasty) and there's some things i'm wondering about.

    I'll probably just buy the DINSE connector but since i'm a small fab shop i have a lathe and mill at my disposal 24/7 (exaple i built my wp9 torch set with 3 collet sizes,12 foot hose and about 8 cups for under 90 bucks, but it retails with one cup and collet for about 167 at my LWS) I machined an extra ground dinse connector and even machined all the fitting and threaded parts to hook it up, but i'm baffled as to which lead on the wp2- carries current and how the adapter hooks up and looks.

    I also made another post but got no answer that i know of at this point as to the proper water pressure on the pump of the cooler. I was going to use a shur-flo 150 (150 psi pump that can be turned down to about 70 or up to 200psi),a dirtbike radiator and a street bike cooling fan from a PC's 12v power supply which i have many of and just put it all in a pretty case.

    Does anyone have a diagram of the dynasty one? (even just boxes with "in and out" and different color lones to distinguish water in and out and gas flow and power) It may sound dumb, but all the water coolers i have seen look like the catalog ones and even the catalog says the 200dx takes a special torch/hose/connector setup that is not pictured.

    anyone help me out? I badly want a full 200 amp capable torch the size of my wp9
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    Dang. You paid too much. I just bought a new Weldcraft WP9-12R torch off e-bay for $26,00 and 6.50 shipping.

    The adapter you're trying to duplicate is Miller part #195 377. The machine end (plugs into the Dynasty 200) is a 50mm dinse connector. The torch end of the plug is a left hand 5/8" (I think/pretty sure) female connector. Your torch power cable/water return line screws into this connector. Coming off the side of the plug (tapped and uses a compression fitting) is the water return line that goes to the water in connection for your cooler. This "jumper" hose also has a 1/2" (again I think that's the right size) LH male connection. You can buy the adapter from Miller4less for about $36.00. Can't see how you could make one for less (unless your time isn't worth anything).

    The connections on the water cooler (in and out) are LH threads.

    If you're not in a big hurry, tomorrow, I'll check one of my 20 series torches for connector size and get back with you. I'm pretty sure about the 5/8" LH connector on the power/return line but not so sure about the smaller fitting on the cooler itself. Know they're LH because my LWS made me up a short hose with LH connectors on both ends so that I could pump out my cooler and flush it with distilled water.

    I think the normal working pressure for the Coolmate coolers is about 60PSI. My cooler (Sync 250 DX) will pump 1.2 GPM when pumping thru the flushing hose only. Flow is down to about 1.2 quarts/min when running thru the torch.

    Went back and reread your post. A water cooled torch has three hoses going to it. One is for gas only. One is a water supply line (attaches to the out on the cooler). Third hose is a combination power and water return line. This screws into the adapter which plugs into the Dynasty. If you go to Miller's full line catalog, on page 78, the adapter will be shown. You'll see what I'm talking about with the "jumper" hose.

    The WP26 torch uses the same size connector (to the dinse adapter) as the WP20 torches, except it uses a right hand (RH) thread.

    Hope I didn't totally confuse you.
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      My contribution

      Here is a link to the CK torch page about connections.

      I built my own cooler, also. The pump I used is a Procon; however, any should work well. I was told that 50-60 PSI was perfect. With that, I would speculate that the operating pressure is much, much less. Just because the pump is capable of (say 1000 PSI) doesn't necessarily mean that the system pressure is going tp be that high. Follow me? Unless there is a clogged torch or a kinked line, the pressure most likely is pretty low. I cannot confiirm this; I am only speculating. Granted, if you are using a very high pressure pump and step on the line, it may burst--although I really doubt it.

      Here is a link to a semi-recent thread about a home made cooler. Hope you find some inspiration in it.

      Jerry in Anchorage

      PS--I'm supposed to go visit the volcano this afternoon. It's been really quiet for nearly a month--hope it stays that way, & just goes back to sleep.


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        I used a pump from a Miller Coolmate 1, Right pressure, Right flow! Cost $51.00 at my LWS.
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          Not Dynasty specific but about WC

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            THanks for the links and advice everyone, now i just have to get caught up on enough things to take the time to start gathering the fittings and torch parts t put with all the other stuff i have to make one out of.

            I'll post pics when it happens, thanks again
            Dynasty 200DX
            Hobart Handler 135
            Smith MB55A-510 O/A setup
            Hypertherm Powermax 45
            Just about every other hand tool you can imagine