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    Were welding SS pipe and want to wire feed it. I was you can't use a tri-mix with the hard wire which I think is wrong. You can and today we used the flux core and it ran different than I remembered it. Can anyone help with the Setting and program for the hard and fluxcore ss wire. Also what gas do you need as a sheild for the fluxcore and hardwire. Thanks
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    Hmmm. You are really not giving enough information for a real complete answer. Let me answer what I can. You can and should use a tri-mix of 90% helium/7.5% agon/2.5% carbon dioxide for solid SS wire...UNLESS you are pulsing. If you are pulsing you should use a 98% argon/2% oxygen. Also you may want to increase your inductance a little more than where you would have it set for steel. You need the higher inductance to get the SS wire "wet" better (lay flatter, more concave weld)

    With fluxcore SS wire you use either a 75% argon/25% carbon dioxide or just straight carbon dioxide.
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      Wow jwsrep!!! Pretty good answer for the info given!!!!
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