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    Miller tape

    Received mine Tuesday, Thanks Miller Welding! I'm a computer geek for my paycheck - and weld for a hobby (Millermatic 135, Dynasty 200 DX, and Spectrum 375). I receive 2nd looks and questions from people because my computer screen background is the Miller welds gif with a welder sparking in front of the American flag.



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      Got mine today, no thanks to the USPS who tried to distroy it. Looks to be a winner and is hanging on my MM210 as we speak ... thanks Miller for being a great American company.
      Regards, George

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      Hobart Handler 140 - Great 120V Mig
      Hobart Handler EZ125 - IMO the best 120V Flux Core only machine

      Miller Dynasty 200DX with cooler of my design, works for me
      Miller Spectrum 375 - Nice Cutter


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        I'm surprised nobody's mentioned that it's half-metric. I don't really keep it for a first-choice tape because I very often need to read inches from both sides of the tape.

        BUT, I also often need a metric tape, so I am very glad to have another one. All my measuring from prints in Colombia last year was metric.

        AND sometimes I take all my measurements for a job in metric anyway, just because it really ticks off my dad.


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          Got mine yesterday, thank you Miller. Never complain if it's free.


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            Thanks for the tape, as it will be used. Love my 210, big window, and the tape. Again thanks


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              Originally posted by Cole
              Hooo Hummm , probally won't recieve my tape, just like the miller catalogue i ordered and haven't recieved. I wonder to myself if they ship to Canada?

              yes they do ship to canada... i got mine in the mail today... very nice tape measure.. now i actually have one with metric on it if i ever find i need it

              thank you miller...

              now if i can find myself a deal on the dynasty 200, i'll be set [ran out of cash at christmas when it was on sale locally ]
              Nick Leinonen


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                Thanks Miller for the tape. Haven't been brave enough to get mine dirty yet but I know it will happen being around here.

                The metric really took me by surprise. Hardly ever use that side of the tape, but my nephew doesn't know anything else- HOW LONG IS IT? ABOUT 46.5 CENTIMETERS. HUH??????? The kid just can't get it through his head us 'old people' still don't use metric everyday.

                I still don't know what half a meter looks like, but I can tell 2 feet from three!!
                Thanks again Miller
                Amos F


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                  Thanks miller, tape looks good beside my tb 302.


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                    Where's Mine?

                    How does one go about gettin' one of these tapes I'm hearin' so much about? If it's for free, it's for me!
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                    .45ACP Black Talons for those difficult jobs


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                      Tape Measure Appreciation

                      Without a doubt the nicest tape measure that I own. Miller spent a fortune to send it to me. Thanks Miller.


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                        Originally posted by REDHOUNDSMAN View Post
                        ... Miller spent a fortune to send it to me. Thanks Miller.
                        Where did they send it? Welcome to the forum. Seems there were quite a few who registered early and are just now getting their first posts in. Feel free to check back and participate often!