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Fire wood processor

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  • Fire wood processor

    What an inventive mind. This thing just blows me a way.

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    I heard the guys at work talking about it yesterday but didn't know of the link. Thanks...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      problematic design

      I would say they would eliminate the feed problems before and after splitting, by eliminating the dropping of the cut.
      It would have less issues if the log in a single plane was split first, and then ran through a tube and cut to length.
      Just a thought
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        kinda of small. the one down the road from me cost about 150,000 but it can do 2 cord cut, split, and piled in 1 hr.


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          That's a great idea. The fact that you can use a skid-steer is a real plus. Skid-steers are a dime a dozen these days. I think it's made by 'Hahn' - which has made forestry equipment for years. Stuff like that usually retails for around $10.00 per pound - which would make it 20 grand - ouch.


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            I saw that video a few days ago. I wonder what kind of hydraulic pressure that pump is putting out. I have a 26 ton splitter that has trouble making a single split sometimes. Wonder if it ever plugs up with stringy wood/knotty wood?


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              got a price quote and it is $26,100 for the one in the movie.

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