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made some more scrap yesterday

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    Originally posted by Johnny View Post

    The squirel are California Ground and Fox Squirrel. The landowners I shoot for don't want them digging holes in their (for profit) orchards. The pigeon, at least the 100 or so I have shot, crap all over equipment in dairies and nurseries.

    Before you get high and mighty think of those trying to make a living.
    hook a hose to a trucks exaust pipe stick it in their burrows and gas them to death ...when you shoot them you are only getting rid of the ones you see,this way you can kill the young still in the burrows...what do you do with the ones you kill,fly tyers may bee interested in the tails...maybe you can send them to monte 55 to feed to the hawks....
    ''True genius,in many fields of human endeaver,is often revealed in elegant simplicity"


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      Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
      Do you think there is a greater percentage of bad hunters or bad cops?
      You are letting this one wide open, what about bad cop hunters, bad poachers ?

      Originally posted by welderdude402 View Post
      saves a LOT of $$$$$ rather than buying beef.
      This is one statement I always had to laugh at everytime I heard it. Think about what it costs to drive to the store to buy a 1/4 side of beef or bison, bison being the healthier of the two, you already have the car for other errands Now add up the cost of going out to kill a deer, elk, etc. Gun, ammo which is going to skyrocket soon thanks to our new leader , gear, butchering costs unless you do your own. Butchering costs in this area are around $75 - $100 for a normal size deer.

      Yes I used to be a hunter but because of health and job, I can no longer do it. However I did not go out and kill something just for the sake of killing or providing food to the family. I probably did more target or competition shooting than anything.

      What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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        Funny how this whole post has evolved.

        I made my original comments based on the fact that ol Johnny seems to know nothing about welding, however he's made it his "life's work" to follow my postings around the board and criticize them for not being "politically correct".

        Now, through his comments on this thread, we find out what a warped wuss he really is. Reading his profile is also a hoot. Air rifle shooting and gynecology (per Webster-a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygene of women).

        Kinda makes one wonder what a guy (using the term loosely) with such varied interests is even doing on a "welding forum". Seems his time would be better spent on an "airgun forum" or dedicating himself to forming the Society for the Eradication of Ground Squirrels and Pigeons.

        Doesn't seem to "fit in" on a welding forum
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