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  • Tig for Beginner

    I've been welding for a few years now and have a MM180 mig welder that works great.
    Anyway i'm looking to start on tig and wondering about a good machine.
    I really like the Syncrowave 200's but i have found a used 180 for a pretty good price and wondered what you would think about that.
    I would use it for hobby only and would weld steel as well as aluminum probably no more than 1/4 in.
    I would like to save and buy a syncro 200 but if there isn't much difference and i could get a 180 for cheap than i would.
    Anyway i'm just looking for your thoughts and opinions for a newb?
    Thanks Brent

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    I have a synchrowave 180 I bought about 3 yrs ago. Its great with no problems. 1/4" or less is good. The new invertors are the best but pricey, if I had to do it again I'd buy what I have. What kinda price are they asking and how old? that would be my deciding factor.
    good luck
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      He's asking 800. It doesn't say how old but he claims it only has 6 hours of use.


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        The manual for the 180 is online, there is a sequence at power-up that will show the hours useage on the digital display, check it out.

        I gave $1200 for a 180 syncro last fall with less than 10hrs showing on the meter, works great for my stuff.

        Be aware that you will have a sizeable investment in consumables, much more so that a mig. The advantage of a TIG IMO is the ability to have full control of the weld puddle, however in order to take full advantage you'll need a wide range of tungstens, collets, cups and filler sizes. Tig is not nearly as "one size fits all" that MIG is..........



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          Yeah TDKKARt is right you can tell from the digital meters how many hours are on it. Sounds like a good price. As far as consumables they make a little starter kit that has the 3 most comman sizes in it. 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8". That will do about anything you want. I added .040 to mine and only used it a little. Mostly 3/32" it seems. The tungsten is where it gets you. If I had to pick one size to learn with it would be 3/32"
          HMW [Heavy Metal welding]