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  • My new table

    Finally finished my table. I based the plans off the table in the project plans section on millers site. I have a rack under the table to store material as long as six feet and six small cubbie holes to store small scrape. The top plate is only 1/8" so I ran additional stringers underneath to help reinforce it. I really wanted to use at least 3/16" plate for the top but it so expensive . To help deal with the heat I'm going keep some scrape 1/4" plate lying around to put between the table and my work. Hopefully this will help to keep from warpping the surface too much.
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    That is a nice looking table you`ve got there seems well thought out for you`re application.Now if I could only remember what shade of blue that is..hehehehe


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      Miller blue, great choice. And nice table too!
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        for a good temp. table top you could just stop by your local fabrication shop or weld shop and get a good thick piece of metal that is scrap to them for free, well at least at the fab shop i work part time at would let u have a piece
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