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Building dump trailer?

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  • Building dump trailer?

    I would like to build a dump trailer. I have looked at quite a few and also seen plans. I am woundering if anyone has done one? I thought it would be a great project, but it seems by the time you purchase all the steel you can buy one made for almost the same price? and then getting it registered, I think that may be a topic all to it self?

    Any insight would be appreciated.


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    welcome to the site.
    it seems any trailer can be bought for less than it takes to make it. but thats where quality comes into play. the box store trailers are mass produced with steel and parts purchased in high volume. no way to compete with that kind of buying power. however quality is easily improved apon if you do it yourself. really comes down to if the quality is time worthy, how much time you have to offer and such. some one made one for the projects section but not shore how much was made Vs how much was prefabbed and he just added the dump part ??
    it would make for a great project and by all means take some pic's and show us your progress. many would love to see it being built from scratch or even what you chose to change if you buy and alter.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      I have one that I built and I would not do it again. Unless its something special you need, or you have alot of the material for free, its usually way cheaper to buy one. Now if you just want a project thats different Parts add up and I had the pump and axles for free. Had to buy cylinders, tires etc, dont forget a valve, relief and hoses, gotta make hinges and so on.

      just my opinion of course, Mineworks good except I'm going to exten the tongue to make it pull a little better. good luck which ever way you go
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        I'm building one now - I have more into it in hydraulics, cylinders, steel, axles and wheels than it would have cost me to buy an off the shelf version - but I'm customizing mine for my own purposes and I wanted to have a fun project to do some real welding on. If your goal is a trailer- buy one. My goal was welding practice and I'm getting lots of that.


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          Like Big Eddy says, if you want a trailer, buy it. If you want your own trailer, build it. I built one for work, had the axles, spent $2000 on materials, would have cost $4000 to buy so theres an example, 7000lb small roller trailer with electric brakes. It gave me great practice and taught me a few things along with a cracked elbow - lol. As far as getting it titled and licensed, piece of cake, keep all receipts, take plenty of pictures and document your time.

          Would I do it again, oh yes. In fact Im thinking about building a motorcycle trailer. If you want, I'll upload some pictures of my trailer I built.

          What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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            You got me interested again! I want to build a 5ton X 14 foot equipment trailer that dumps. I would love to see your pics! I did see some plans for the regular type of dump, I wanted removable stake sides on mine. Maybe a wooden deck?