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Welding cart for Passport

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  • Welding cart for Passport

    Here is a quick cart I made from Left over office chair parts and a little flat stock. the sleds slide into the pass port side rails and the old chair hight adjustment holds the unit in place with lid open or closed.
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    Great idea. Very creative.


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      Nice work, man! Willing to share the step-by-step procedures on how you created it?
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        Pretty simple stuff realy. I just made a set of split rails out of 1" flat stock to fit into the slides on the side of the Passport case. I also used a bender to follow the curve of the case, however, one could have just welded a 90 degree stop if they wanted to. On the back I used the chairs back rest and altered it slitly to create a hook and used the slide to hold the welder in place. (this is a nice feature, as you can adjust for having the case closed or open) After that it was simply adding my casters, torch holder and cable hook.