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Horsebox axle placement

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  • Horsebox axle placement

    The horsebox that we build is 5.269m long and 1.676m wide. We load two horses of approxamately 700Kg each. In other words 1.4 tons at the back of the horsebox. The space from the back of the horsebox to the front feet of the horses is 2m. The rest of the 3.269m is the tackroom with approxamatly 250kg weight loaded into it. The question is, where do I place the two rubber suspension axles so that it stays balanced. See diagram.Click image for larger version

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    I have a horse trailer that pulls very well. I may get to my daughters this week which is where the trailer is kept. I will measure and tell you where the axle is located. If there were no horses you would want to put the axle where 60 percent of the weight was in the front and 40 percent in the back for the proper tongue weight.

    For proper placement you would have to figure in the weight of the tack compartment and horse weight. Just guessing on my part I would say about there the horses withers are because 2/3 of the horses weight is on his front end.

    Let me know if you haven't placed the axle yet and I will measure mine. The tack compartment on mine was not designed to hold quite the weight yours does - just a couple of saddles and saddle blankets and bridles and maybe a couple cases of beer. The hay and grain goes in the back of the truck. Knowing the length of my trailer and where the axle is should give you a good idea of where to put the axle.

    My trailer pulls well and when you get up to about 60 mph you can't even tell it is back there unless the horses start playing around.

    Let me know if you still need the information but I am betting you have looked at some trailers closer to your home. It would be nice if you could post a picture of the trailer and your horses.

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      Trailer Manufacturer ??


      Your Bio.' says you are a trailer Manufacturer, And You Don't Know Where To Put the Axle !!!

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