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Miller, ESAB, & HTP: Fact-Finding Mission

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  • jwsrep
    Originally posted by BWS29128 View Post
    I'll certainly do that! Thanks for your advice and support on other threads regarding this!
    Anytime Clint

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  • BWS29128
    I'll certainly do that! Thanks for your advice and support on other threads regarding this!

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  • jwsrep
    I have zero experience with the HTP equipment. You seem to have done your homework. Sounds like you have support after the sale. I wish you all the best with your new purchase. Make sure you follow up with us after you get it and have a chance to run it for a bit.

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  • BWS29128
    New Info: Edit My Last

    Okay, new info here...I forgot that Jeff sent me a digital catalog with their newest prices as of last week.

    HTP MIG 200: $1069.00
    HTP MIG 200/RSG200: $1400.00

    For all who are not aware, HTP's RSG200 is absolutely identical to Miller's 3035...right down to the notched tip! It's also exactly $100 less expensive than a 3035 via IOC as it's currently on sale for $375.00!!!!! I should also mention that HTP offers their RSG200 in a version called the RSG-MIL200 which fits a Miller and is still only $375.

    Okay, bottom line: what does this mean for me: it means I was incorrect about the pricing of the HTP equipment (just as I thought I might be, which is why I put the rejoinder at the end above) and it means that HTP, NOT MILLER, apparently gives more bang for the buck. And that means I'll be ordering the HTP MIG 200 with RSG200 spool gun and I'll keep you all posted from there.

    Jeff, if you read this, can I get a quote on the 50-foot version of the RSG200 please? TTYS. ~cmb

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  • BWS29128
    started a topic Miller, ESAB, & HTP: Fact-Finding Mission

    Miller, ESAB, & HTP: Fact-Finding Mission

    Hello All. Just wanted to report my findings thus far for everyone's future reference:

    Duty Cycle:

    Miller MM212:
    177 lbs.

    HTP 200:
    195 lbs.

    HTP 2400:
    235 lbs.

    ESAB MM203:
    150 lbs.

    ESAB MM250:
    210 lbs

    ESAB MM253:
    208 lbs.

    Prices (With/Without SG Where Applicable):

    Miller MM212: $1415.77
    Miller MM212/3035SG: $2045.00

    ESAB MM203: $1084.00
    ESAB MM250: $1925.00
    ESAB MM250/MT250SG: $2324.53
    ESAB MM253: $1442.00
    ESAB MM253/MT250SG: $2091.18

    HTP 200: $1400.00
    HTP 200/RSG200: $1900.00

    *(The HTP prices may be off; I can't access my email at the moment due to a computer glitch and can't remember the prices Jeff quoted me. As soon as I can verify, I'll come back and edit the post. ~cmb)*


    It appears to me that Miller's MM212 has a better duty-cycle rating, is lighter-weight, and costs less than any other combination. Again, that last figure could be skewed because of my lack of access to email at the moment (anybody else having trouble with Yahoo right now?) and again, as soon as I can verify, I'll edit the original figures. Also, the best prices I found on the MM212/MM212 combo came from IOC on their eBay store. Further research on their website shows that you could conceivably call them up directly and order the MM212 and the 3035SG and save an additional $170.46 (for a total cost of $1874.54, as opposed to the package price I quoted above of $2045.00 as listed on their website).

    In terms of duty cycles, it appears that HTP and ESAB run neck & neck in terms of the power you get per the cost per Amp. However, HTP appears to have a much better track record with customer service and HTP appears to have bullet-proof equipment, vice ESAB's lack of attention to customers' needs (which is exactly what I never even bothered to research Lincoln's 215 in all of this) and it also appears that ESAB has less-than-stellar guns and/or equipment.

    What this tells me is that I'm going to order a MM212/3035 combo from Indiana Oxygen Company unless someone can give me a compelling reason not to.

    My next venture of this sort will be to place my PT185 on fleaBay so that I can either buy one of the Miller AC/DC capable inverter TIG machines, or I'll order HTP's 201 AC/DC that several members on here have.

    Please remember that these plans are subject to change based on what I can find out from my email once I can access it again.