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welding 50mm pipe (steam return line)

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    I am telling you what the numbers are. Its about like flying in an airlpane vs riding a Harley. Second what I am relating is real world experience in the sense that everything I wasnt qualified to work on didnt turn to a disaster.
    This doesnt sound like a home brew job, there are likely bosses, equipment and insurance and this is at least semi skilled operation, thousands of these types of jobs done every day all over the world. In this case the mechanic in question here is aware of not cutting into a live steam line such as the "professional" Portable Welder admits to. Accidents and workmanship issues go all the way across the experience level. I agree with the original poster, this is a typical job to gain experience on.


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      If the guy has to ask a question like that he shouldnt even consider doing it.If something goes wrong they WILL throw him to the wolves likity split! Your "just do it and pray for the best" is ok for little kids in a sand box,but isnt appropriate in the real world,where people do die!
      Back in the day where did you start out and how many people have died as a result of work you have done?
      Lets take a poll here, How many have had people die because of the result of the work you have done since you started working? This would involve millions of man hours on millions of projects.
      If the guy has to ask a question like that he
      At least he is asking, shows good sense of prudence and seems to have a grip on the difference between a condensate line and a pressure line.