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Welding on a small air compressor tank . . .

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    Pretty sure every one of those "factory welded" compressor tanks have to pass a hydrostat test before they are stamped as certified and then released onto the buying public.

    If you can get it hydrostat tested after you weld - go for it - no risk, no danger, if it fails, oh well. Otherwise, bolt something to the existing mounts or toss the thing.

    My 2 cents.


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      Thanks to y'all for the input.

      I'm sympathetic to both sides of the argument. On the one hand, the money equation is that I could save several hundred dollars by customizing this tank, but I could lose everything, possibly including assorted body parts, on the downside. OTOH, I can certainly run a bead without undercut or slag inclusions, and tend to agree with Thunder71 that experts in many fields are sometimes known to describe what they do as rocket science, when any good craftsman can manage it when told how. I don't especially have a personal use for a pressure vessel welding certification, but this conversation has me interested in learning more about it, especially about typical tank metallurgy and consequent choice of welding protocol.

      As it happens, after getting this thread started, I took the head off the "no good" compressor that came on this tank and saw I could fix it, which I have done. This is a dinky little pump (i.e., slow) on a relatively big tank, and as I said, I have a bigger Speedaire pump. However, I guess I will sell this compressor and buy a tank for the big pump.

      I was looking at Home Depot's biggest compressor this morning, "Husky" brand. V-twin 2-stage pump, 175psi, 12.5 SCFM @ 90psi, 80 gal (IIRC) vertical tank, priced at $1100 plus tax. BUT . . . I could not see any approved-rating plate anywhere on the tank. I just don't like the idea of an unapproved air tank made of Chinese mystery metal!!

      Thanks again.


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        if you look at some of the new tanks you will see LOTS of $hitty welds


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          We can fight this all day but it wont do any good there are good points on both sides. Personaly I would just buy one I have to much going on too mess a round with an old compresser.