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Crane system that I just finished.

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  • Crane system that I just finished.

    Here are some pictures of a crane system that I designed, fabricated and erected.

    This system is for a company that builds gear boxes and transmissions for for the military vehicles.

    This is a loopng crane that has 10 hoists on it so I had to do the buss duct to supply power to all the cranes so they can just keep running around the ovals and not worry about tangled chords.

    The steel work was pretty easy but modifying the trolleys to hold what they call the collector took me a bit of research and then rolling the 3 lines of duct bar all at a different radiouse took some time.

    I'm very happy with the way it all turned out.
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    Here are more pictures my computer quit so I had to reboot it.

    I forgot to mention exactly what this is for.
    Its an assembly line and they will have approx. 6 stations.
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      Originally posted by Portable Welder View Post
      I'm very happy with the way it all turned out.

      You should be! Very impressive!
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        I've learned the more time you plan out a job even the assembly steps,the job comes out great.Also,you'll have no rework!Beautiful ironwork!


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          I can't help but ask... could you please post up some pics of your bender?

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            Here are some pics of the roller we built this winter.

            The rollers are made out of 3" diameter dom tube that is 1/2" wall thickness.

            Its not one of those things you use every day but when you need it you need it.

            By the way, The rolled I- Beam was not done with this roller but the rolling of the electrical figure 8 duct bar was.
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              looks like that will work good. Nice work.


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                Very interesting project, it looks like it turned out great!
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                  I'm pretty happy with this project, The only part that I did not do was the little breaker box that mounts to my trolley and wiring the collectors to the little breaker box.

                  After this project I'm thinking that I should advertise in the phone book under cranes.

                  Just not sure what type of certifications that are needed to be a crane builder.

                  I did this system without engineered drawings due to its size.

                  The structure was a little over built to give a safety factor, I'm sure it will handle 3 times the weight that all ten cranes can lift together.

                  As far as electrical goes my master electrician will cover that.

                  So any way what does it take to be a certified crane inspector.