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    Hey all,

    Kinda new here - been lurking for while and there seems to much good advice and discussion.

    My question is more along the lines of material resource. I'd like to build one of these backyard fireplace/grills that use a domed piece fo steel as their base. I've heard that, depending on the size you want, old air compressor tanks or even propane storage tanks can be salvaged and the ends used for this purpose (obviously with proper safety precautions in salvaging).

    Has anyone made one of these? Any other ideas for a domed based to start with? Junkyards/Salvage yards good places to find these? How bout manufacturers of these tanks - maybe buy the raw component? I've also thought about a welded, pyramid shape out of plate that might work.

    Thanks for any advice or help

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    yes and yes. Both have been done, although i have not done either. Do a search for fire pit or something along those lines. I have also seen BBQs made out of water heater tanks. I can't remember where I have seen them, probably here, and on weldingweb, shopfloortalk and hobart.

    From what I have read, old propane tanks are probably the easiest to get.

    I have also wanted to make one, although I have 2 chimneas already, so I guess I would give it away. But the materials have not presented themselves and I have too many other things to do to go out and find them

    Good luck with your hunt


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      keg fire pit

      heres one that i did tinkering around in the shop. I used an old keg that had been laying around, God do they stink when you open them them up. use anything but be safe doing it.
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        Hey thanks for the replies!
        I'll continue my search - gonna call a few salvageyards & propane dealers today to get a feel for getting my hands on one!

        Nice work WRM! Thanks for the idea...



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          Maybe i can help you. Those type of fire pits are everywhere here in texas. The supplier they get most of the tank heads from baker tankheads in ft. Worth. They're number is 866-232-8030. They also have a website. Hope this helps you.


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            Thanks fuzzy!

            Wonder what they'd sell 1 or 2 for? Shipping would be another concern $$ wise.

            Thanks for the info for sure..



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              Mike, here is a pic of mine. Sadly enough I bought this one because 1/4'' thick tank ends are rather expensive for one time purchases, but we love it and I have built a swinger grill for it to cook steaks on. The tank end measures 42'', and the top grate is suitable for cooking on as well but I prefer my smaller one.
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                Nice looking grill k.a.m.

                Just curious - do you recall what they were going to charge you for a tank end? I e-mailed a couple mfgs today for a quote with no response..yah, like they want to sell a qty of 1

                Thanks for the reply.

                I talked with another guy this past weekend that pretty much did the same -to $$ to buy mfg himself - just bought it - from someone in TX!


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                  mtncrawler, when I get to my office Monday I will dig out the quote if I still have it, but if I remember at the time they were asking around three or four hundred dollars for one. The man I bought mine from had mountains of them, he builds them for a living and sells all over the country, my complete set up with leg extensions and poker was 425.00. I could not piece it out that cheap, there are perks to buying in bulk.


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                    Thanks k.a.m. -

                    Don't go to too much trouble, if you have it handy, fine. Sounds like I'll end up with the same conclusion you did.

                    Thats a pretty good price I believe. That fella I talked to this past weekend paid around $600 for his, had a swing out grill top.

                    Guess I'll keep poking around salvage yards for tank scrap or but one complete like you did.

                    Have a good weekend! Appreciate your help and responses!


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                      there is a new law in CO that says all tanks must test at the 250# level to be set. ( within a few years) The propane companies are getting rid of their older 200# test tanks. They have 125 gallon, 250 gallon and 500 gallon tanks available. Call AmeriGas in CO - they will set you up. They want $60 apiece for the tanks - in the South Park area. Prices may vary.

                      Don't blow yourself up cutting them apart.


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                        Thanks for the tip - I'll try calling them!


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                          considered octagon ?

                          have you considered going with an octagon shape ?? would look just as nice if not nicer and could be welded together out of a plate of steel without any special requirements. i have seen square ones in the stores, but figure if you are going to make it your self a few extra welds would be easy and really dress it up.
                          thanks for the help
                          hope i helped
                          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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                            fire pit

                            Dont have any pics, but a friend of mine has a used "crusher cone" for a pit. Works great, 2 inchs thick, 4.5 feet wide. Holds heat for along time.


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                              Dome type pit

                              You can also use the disk from an old disking plow and are usualy easy to find
                              For about 10-20 bucks i found some new and used here for 20.00 each and were 18" and some 24" just another option you might consider.

                              I'm going to build an out door Tie style wok with this one it will sit on top
                              Of a pipe chamber/fire pit with a basting ring on top of that and the disk sets on the basting ring steaks and veggies cook on top of the dome, kind of a strange design but great out door cooking fun.
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