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Forks for Tractor Front Loader

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    Originally posted by gus203 View Post
    I might have posted these before, but here goes. Made from 2 in. channel and 1 1/2 angle. Channel on top angle on the bottom. 2- 3/8 bolts per side bolted from the bottom of the bucket. Hope it helps . I have a TC33 NH
    Thanks Gus. Appears you have the angle running under the bucket for support and a place to bolt the forks. Correct? Practical and straight forward. I'll show these to my friend and have him verify if he wants this type or a set that clamps on like gda's for width adjustments. I guess one could always drill more holes.
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      Thanks for the compliment, They have moved some good sized loads of logs. I know the limits of the FEL on my little tractor and would rather not over do it. That was the main reason for not over building the forks. Glad to help.