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  • Question 4 Miller ........

    Miller ,

    For how long are your "New" welding jackets going to be "Temporarily out of stock" ?

    I ordered 2 ...........tried to order two many months back and all the dealers said they were 6-8 weeks in backorder ....... many months later and still nothing.

    Whats the deal ?

    Also , it was mentioned about the glove size being too small for the actual listed size ,< ie: extra large fits like a large > and it was said that the sizes were going to change to be more of a true fit to size. Has this happened yet , so do we order one size up or actual size now ?

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      Jackets and Gloves

      I talked to the product manager today. He tells me that we're expecting take the jackets off of "temporarily unavailable" status in October. There had been issues around obtaining the leather for the jackets, unfortunately.

      As far as glove sizing, we aren't changing the current sizes to avoid confusion, but we are adding an XXL size to our glove offering.

      Hope that helps!