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Jimmy Frame Fixed!

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  • Jimmy Frame Fixed!

    I dont'now what happened to my thread on welding my jimmy frame with my old AC welder and 8018 rods but finally got it done this March! Heres a pic before painting. I paid $50 for front half of a frame and used it to patch the cracks.

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    If you are wondering what the bracket and brace is below the frame, its for my snow plow:


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      Oh, it works really good too. I have a build thread located at!


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        There is an aftermarket brace available to go from the back side of the frame behind the steering box to the middle of the front crossmember. I suggest you get one before it cracks again as this is a very common problem on those year chevy/gmc especially when you lift them. They also sell a repair kit to do just what you did. It has a preformed plate to weld on. Did you weld up all the old cracks before welding the frame section over it?
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            Originally posted by godtool View Post
            If you are wondering what the bracket and brace is below the frame, its for my snow plow:

            Did you build the plow it looks pretty good.
            This is an automotive discussion forum that has some great infromation



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              Yes, we grooved all the cracks, welded them, then ground them smooth. We used to bolts at the forward end of the patch. As for the brace kit it is on my to do list, make it myself or buy it. Heres the thread at my website on the patched frame repair:

              As for my plow, here is the build thread if anyone wants to build one. All the painted black parts I made and the plow blade I got from a freind. It was originally made to plow straight ahead and fit a 90's chev truck frame. I used 1" bolts because I learned from making my quad plow you got to go HD. A 5/8" bolt is best for a pivot on a quad blade I found out. As for the Jimmy plow I will need to "bush" all the pivots with 1" ID tube this summer with grease fittings especially the bolt in the center for the plow pivot.

              With the braces installed to the brackets under the rear engine x-member and the styover nuts, nothing has come loose and the plow wors awesome! However for next year I am going to have 2' detachable wings for each end of the blade that can be attached straight out or angled in so I can push more snow out of my driveway and into the ditch. The grader then comes along and cleans it right up