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New welding helmet, is it a good one?

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  • New welding helmet, is it a good one?

    I just purchased a Miller Performance Series America's Eagle helmet. Is it a good one. I just started welding, so this will be my first. I didnt want to spend more than 300 on the first one. I paid 209 for mine. Good?
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    Sweet Deal!!

    I work in a welding store...and list price on those guys are $259 (thats of course list price which is always a bit overboard) this month they were on sale for $ I'd say theres nothing wrong with $209 It's a good helmet for a person whos getting into welding too!! I find the hobby ones aren't the greatest helmet if you plan on welding for more then 5 hours in a day. You get the "down-at-the-beach" kind of itchy eyes when you go to bed at night with the 2 censor hobby series, and now that Miller has made the performance series 3 censor helmets it's easier, and cheaper, to get a good helmet for people starting welding and wanting to go somewhere with it.


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      Awesome! Thanks for the helpful information. The guy at Airgas gave me a discount for being a welding student at the local college. I am glad to hear that I got a good deal!
      They don't call me Lucky for nothin'.


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        I guess that's the one that replaced the XLIX. Should be a good one, I love my BWE.
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