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    Samurai Dave
    Senior Member

  • Samurai Dave
    TIG away

    Howdy Jim, welcome to the forum.

    If the metal will conduct electricity, then it can be TIG welded. Make sure you use a rod that is compatible with the base metal.

    If you are welding dissimilar metals (like mild steel to stainless use 309L rod vs. stainless to stainless use 308L rod) then you need to make sure the rod will be compatible with both metals. Otherwise there will be cracking and general frowny faces down the road.

    The flavor of electrode may make a difference. I would try Lanthinated first, but your mileage may vary.

    That MAXSTAR 150 is hard to beat for portability! Love that inverter technology.

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  • jim moyer
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  • jim moyer
    started a topic New to forum and have quick question

    New to forum and have quick question

    I am looking at the Miller MAXSTAR 150 STL TIG.

    My question is - can nonfurous metals like brass, copper or nickle metals be welded with this machine.

    Thanks in advance.