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    Ok Im new on the board and Im new to my machine so please excuse any wrong terminoligy or mistakes I will make.

    I bought a miller legend aead-200le from a prior employer, worked great there and when I first got it i took it to get checked and serviced. all was good. about 6 months later I go to finally use it at my house and it wont weld. I have power to the electrical sockets but nothing to the welding leads, both ac and dc sides are dead. I downloaded the manual but it is little help to me at this point other than the scematics. Anyone have some idea of what and how to check things?

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    ok been poking around and now know the relays and breakers are working, which is where the manual said the most likely culpret would be.


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      This may sound simple, but check to see if there is a toggle switch on the front panel. There should be 2 positions weld and power lock 1650. The power lock position is for when you are using the machine strictly as a generator. It locks the motor at 1650 RPM. When in the weld position and an arc is struck it idles up to 3600 RPM.

      Does this machine have automatic engine idle or manual? If automatic, you may have a bad idle solenoid. If manual try adjusting your idle up to full idle. It will produce generating power at less than 3600 RPM, but not welding power.
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        it is a auto idle I put it in auto and it wont idle up and I cant strike a arc but if i put it in high idle it still wont strike a arc. with the switch in power lock i cant idle up the motor it is stuck at low idle. I turn off power lock and I can turn the high idle on and rpm will go substantially up, so i think that is working. I cant strike a arc at all its like the leads arn't plugged in, Ive checked them and they are fine, and even with the leads disconnected there is zero power to the lugs where they attach


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          Your throttle solenoid is probably not getting 12 volts. You can check that easily with a volt meter. One lead will be power and the other goes to ground. If you do not have voltage the solenoid is probably good so go the the idle control circuit board. It is the closest one to the front control panel on the right side. Look for any damaged or burned components. Also, trace the wires to the solenoid to make sure they are not broken or disconnected. If the board is getting voltage, then you will need to replace or repair the board. Hope this helps. BTW, I hope you have a voltmeter but if not, invest in one because they are the best tool for trouble shooting you will ever have.
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