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Welding a trailer Receiver and Supports with a Maxstar 140

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    Ok, and what were those? I also did 96B (3rd ACR never figured out exactly what I was, lol), but couldn't get the mos awarded because it required attending the school.

    I always run 7024 on DCEP (never had an ac machine big enough to run it). I've usually been able to control the arc blow with changes in rod angle.
    Lincoln: Eagle 10,000, Weld-Pak HD, Weld-Pak 155, AC-225, LN-25 wirefeeder
    Miller: Syncrowave 250DX Tigrunner
    Westinghouse: 400+ amp AC
    ThermalArc Handy wirefeeder
    1 Harris, 3 Victor O/A rigs
    Arcair gouger
    Too many other power toys to list.

    Do it right, do it once. And in all things ya get what ya pay for.


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      76C is parts requisitions motor pool and vehicle records and analysis or PLL & TAMS
      63T front line mechanic. i got to play with every thing from jeeps, trucks, 88's, M113's, bradly, M60'd, M1a1'S you name it i got to play with it. cool part was i was licensed to drive just about every thing the army had.
      i even got to shoot the M1 a few times just for giggles. thats a neat toy with a big bang.
      i was stationed over seas so they just used me for what they wanted, cross training me as needed and didn't seam to worry to much about the paper work. they didn't like the idea of sending us back stateside for schooling just so it could get put on your record. they didn't seam to mind extending your Tore over there though. i think my DD214 shows i went over seas thats about it, and then came home. gotta love it.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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