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Gas VS Diesel

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    DDA52. I knew it had to be old..... You use yours for what a diesel is worth. Lots of guys buy them to pull their travel travel trailer 4-5 times a yr and thats what I was referring to as a waste of money. A gas engine would do fine for that

    Welder_1, Actually that gossip about the CAT came from the Ford regional fleet rep. Ford has used allison in their med duty trucks for years Except Ford doesn't make a med duty truck right now. [Sterling]. Med duty and pickups are two different things. They are supposed to enter the med duty market again though. Matter of fact most all med duty trucks/ busses with automatic use the allison trans. The engine Ford uses now [6.0 and 6.4] are built by International and has been ever since the original 6.9 [I think it was the 6.9] I think the relationship between Ford and IH has suffered the last few yrs. Also GM sold the Allison divison just this year.

    Sorry for getting off topic, just thinking about the gas/diesel thing
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]