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  • Some more scary stuff to look at

    I have been involved in some form or another of stockcar racing most of my life, I've seen some pretty reckless stuff done to these cars over the years and I've seen lots of injuries and a few deaths in the sport. I was just looking at some stuff on ebay and I noticed this car for sale, not that I was interested in it to purchase, but looked at it more for the nostalgia, I used to cut up old Nova's and Chevelle's to go racing on Fri. and Sat nights in the bomber class.

    When I looked at the roll cage in this car I found my self amazed at a few things I was seeing, pay close attention to the main cage upright and door bars on the right side of the car (it's taken a tremendous shot in the side at some point in time). The thing that baffles me other than the fact the car was built very unsafe to begin with is the fact that this car has been raced like this. I find it hard to believe any tech inspector would allow this car on the track. It appears to me by the paint on the bars and the outer door skin it's been like this for a while. Yes, it apparently withstood the impact as it's supposed to but will it safely take another hit?

    I guess some people don't value their lives or are that ignorant to jeopardize the lives of others. Dave
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    Having served many of my formative years around stock cars, and occasionally coming out of kids imposed retirement(wife doesn't like it when I do this) I can surely agree that this car is not safe. I have never been in inspection and seen anything like that get passed. It looks to me like it was painted this way. An injury looking to happen.

    Amos F