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Need Help With Settings On A Weld Master200

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  • Need Help With Settings On A Weld Master200

    I Trying To Weld 1/4 316 Stainless Steel With A MaXSTAR 200 Tig Can't Get The Setting On The Unit Could Someone Help With This. Or Advice Would Help Also.
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    1/4" SS for the Maxstar 200 is asking quite a bit. Set at max setting and see what happens. 1/8" tungsten. TIG torch plugged into - terminal ground in + terminal. Process selector in HF Impulse or you could set on Lift Arc. If using a foot control or fingertip remote your output switch should be in RMT STD. If you have the Maxstar 200DX leave out of pulse mode and make sure sequencer is out of play.
    Thats about the best I can do on a vague question. Hope it helps.

    If you are using an air-cooled TIG torch it is gonna get real hot....real quick.

    If you are looking for recommended amperage settings try this link

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