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A storm sewer sediment cube

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  • A storm sewer sediment cube

    This is a storm sewer sediment cube to be placed outside the outlet structure of a retention pond. It will be lined with filter fabric and rock. The top is removable for cleaning and replacing filter fabric.
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    Okay? What did I do different? I thought I was simply adding the picture as an attachment rather than opening with post. I don't guess it matters except for those with less than optimum ISP download speeds. Sorry.


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      I notice you seem to make all these grate`s for the spillway and overflows out of rebar.Is there a reason you use that instead of either cold or hot roll?I`m guessing that may be what`s spec`ed.Just curious to know in case I ever run into that type of work(there is a pretty good chance I may have to build one of these this spring).


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        Spec work

        Stick rod,

        It's the spec. I have a verbal approval for hot or cold rolled bar, but the engineer won't give me a written letter. My customer has agreed to pay the extra expense of cold roll, but again nothing in writing from the engineer so I won't do it.

        There are only a couple of quick ways to put it together. I use .035" hobart QCL bare wire with an ALT 304 for all in shop work. I use 1/8" and 5/32" 6011's for my fieldwork. They seem to be about as quick as flux core in the field.


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          I am wondering how that picture was posted as it seems to be 120Kb which is bigger than you should be able to post at attachment by 20Kb. Maybe I don't understand all that is possible with the picture posting stuff
          Regards, George

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            Wow! Looki'n great!
            Save our species! Lower metal prices!


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              So stuff pours INTO this one and filters out? I've never needed to buy rebar yet, is it cheaper than hot rolled?

              Over there by your boots, is that the leg from one of those $15 HF roller stands?

              Is that the case to your 12RC? You run that from the ALT in the shop?


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                All the grate type stuff I've done for retention ponds/drainage applications is spec'ed with 1/2 or 3/4 aluminum round with stainless steel fasteners. I've been told this is so because it won't rust & contaminate the ground water. Just wait, all the NJ laws will catch up to you guys eventually.---MMW---
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                  I think I'll try posting a smaller file next time and what happens.


                  Rebar is cheaper than hot roll. It takes longer to weld because of all the contaminants. I'd just about rather work inside a garage dumpster as to weld rebar . Some is better quality and is called weldable rebar. Either will weld with a good wet spray. I just take my time and keep plenty of face shields because when it pops it splatters everywhere!

                  The overflow from the oulet structure filters through this sediment filter fabric and rock before draining into the retention pond.

                  Mac, Good eyes. That is the corner of the 12RC hooked to my ALT and the HF roller stand is a cheapie that sits in front of my Ellis. I've been meaning to build a good roller stand, but work always gets in the way.


                  I wish the laws would catch up as aluminum is my passion. Plus it would be a nice reason to pick up a MM350P or similar machine. I do coat my work with a rust inhibitor, but it is not required. All you have to have is rusty rebar.


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                    Here is all that is required. No coating...


                    Here is a 75kb file so we'll see what happens.
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