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Anyone have plans for a rack for full sized tires?

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  • Anyone have plans for a rack for full sized tires?


    Newbie on here and I hope to learn much from the experts. I gave up on designing and welding up my first project..a welding cart. See I took a beginner's welding class 3 years ago and just this past summer purchased a Miller 180 mig machine. I kept reading on the forums here that the best first project would be a welding cart. Well friend of mine said he'd come over and help me get my feet wet again as I'd pretty much forgotten all that I learned. I gave up waiting and went out and bought a welding cart, so now I want to try this again.

    I've changed out the wheels and tires on my '23 T-bucket and need to build a tire rack. Any help or assistance in designing this "simple" project would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like you need to practice welding coupons.

    When you're ready to build your tire rack pick the one you like -


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      Thanks for the reply and the Google sites for racks. There are some great ideas on there. I realize it's not a requirement to be a rocket scientist to build a tire rack, but it helps to have additional ideas on the size and style of rack. I have two tires that are 15.5" wide and these are "narrow" by t-bucket standards. Just need to have some place to store them up and out of the way.

      I'll post my rack once I cash in some of my "welding coupons." LOL!!

      Thank you once again Chuck.