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    I'm sure that's it! Sometimes it teases me by letting me report posts, and then sometimes it slaps me back to reality.


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      Originally posted by Scarsman View Post
      The truck is an '84 S-10 extended cab. It will have a 5" lift on it in the not too distant future. This bumper is not going to have a winch in it. I do not have a winch right now, and I figured when I do finaly have the money to spend on a winch, I will just build another bumper around it, and probably sell this one to someone else.

      I realize the strains that can be placed on a frame. I have many years with trucks with plows, and I have seen what they can do to a truck!

      I am not looking to make it like a dozer blade, I just want to be sure that if I hook onto it to pull someone out or get pulled out, it is not going to bend or distort.
      I'd prescribe any winch over 9000lbs. you can get something quite modest from Costco, TSC, or Runva... Simply go over the electrical associations before you introduce it.


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        The purpose of a bumper is to absorb energy in an impact situation without transferring the energy to the vehicle frame.
        A buper of heavier construction than the vehicle frame will transfer energy to the frame and distort the frame. The S-10 does not have a substantial frame, and is lacking in suspension ability to carry a winch around. TRW manufactures a transverse camelback to somewhat solve the weight handling ability of the front suspension.


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          I have seen S-10's with solid 2 1/2" bar stock. The bumper is only as good as what its mated to...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            Originally posted by cannon express View Post

            Heres mine under way I used 3/16 on main body and 1/2 on supports Still have lots to do.
            That is a good looking guard. It fits the square Dodge body.
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