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Used Generator/Welder model AEA-200LE

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  • Used Generator/Welder model AEA-200LE

    There is a used Miller 200LE with 660 hours on it for sale locally. It has been converted to propane but don't have any other infomation about it.
    Is this a lot of hours? How long do they last? What should I look for in checking it out?

    Living in Florida, it seems like a good idea to have a generator on hand anyway, this would kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Miller CP-200 w/3045 spoolgun

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    I have over 450 hours on my lincoln and it's not a year old yet. I've put over 600 on a trailblazer in less than 6 months. It was also being used as a generator at the time as well, so not all was welding. Actually it's just getting broke in good.
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      If you can provide a serial number I can tell you how old the machine is.
      How much are they asking for it? If it is an AEAD 200LE it is a pretty old machine. What I would want to know (especially since it has only 660 hours on it) is when was the last time it was run. I would wonder what kind of shape the engine was in. The fields may need to be flashed.

      Back in it's day the AEAD 200LE was a whale of a machine. Unmatched arc characteristics in it's field. Not mutch of a generator 5KVA I think.
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        250 hours is almost the same as 3,000 miles on a car. essentially it hasnt even been broke in very good. i have a legend ae/ad 200le. built in '88 and have almost 6,000 hours on it. lots of gas and oil later it still strikes an arc better than the newer ones do(in my opinion).

        nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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          Miller Roughneck 2E

          In my search I also found locally a Miller Roughneck 2E, serial number JF848371. The specs are almost the same as the 200LE, but the motor is a single cylinder Tecumseh, can't be as good.
          2E: [email protected] @ 100% and 7KVA genertor
          200LE: [email protected] @100% and 5KVA generator

          I think this is a low hours unit, but no hour meter to tell. He hasn't started it in 10 years.
          The guy wants $650 for it with 100 feet of stinger lead and 30 feet of ground.
          What do you think? More generator welding less amps.


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            The Roughneck is a 1985 machine.
            The Roughneck is no where near the class of the AEAD 200LE. We are talking Roughneck = VW Rabbit AEAD 200LE = 1968 Chevy Camaro all tricked out.

            I know the amperage rating is similar, but arc characteristics it's not even close. Were you able to get the S/N off the AEAD?
            Rich Ferguson
            Sales Technician
            Jackson Welding Supply Co.
            "Keep America Strong.....Weld It"


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              I haven't been able to meet the guy yet with the 200LE. I hope to see him and the machine on Friday.


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                miller roughneck

                i have a machine with a broken engine is a miller roughneck 2E, i will like to know where i could find a new engine for it, thanks


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                  For 650 I wouldnt blink, especially with some lead, take it before he changes his mind.


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                    Miller AEAD 200

                    JWSRP: Did that machine have the "current jacks" in the front? Are they like TWECO? Heck, for $650, it would be worth it, even if the engine needed rebuilt or replaced. I guess you'll be able to tell more when he gets the serial number for you. Another member showed pictures of an SA-200G Lincoln he got for FREE, took it home, fixed it up, as good as new!
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                      Thread is from 2007
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