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building a tubing bender

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    Originally posted by 1428turbo View Post
    jd2 is a awesome bender!hard to beat em for the money. ive made a couple of copies of it.All parts are laser cut and exact looking to sell them.

    I am assume you mean the ones you have taken the time to whip out and not that you are going into the bender biz.
    I believe copying is a form of flattery until you profit from it. That is one of the problems we have with China today. When I bought my JD2 I actually bought from the company owner...he spent a good hour with me and made a special die as well. Super nice guy. He told me how he was building a roll cage years ago using a Hossfeld and could not believe how slow it was. He then came up with the ratchet design and sold the heck out of them.
    If I was gonna screw over a company by being too lazy to design my own bender, I would pick some fat cat CEO type not a regular guy that has to come to work everyday and and labor, just like you and me, like Pro-Tools and others have done.
    I doubt that is what you plan to do tho.
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      fusionking you assume wrong,im going to take the HUGE profit from the first 2 i sell,play KENO with the profits and win big!,take that money and build 10,000 units! I will then take over the world!!!!! one bender copy at a time!The world will be my oyster! Seriously,dude,lighten up!
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        Why isn't the diacro design copied more often?
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          Originally posted by Fishy Jim View Post
          Why isn't the diacro design copied more often?
          Has its patent gone to public domain?
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            Originally posted by Fishy Jim View Post
            Why isn't the diacro design copied more often?
            Prolly 'cause it only bends up to 1" tube.